Why use a Registered Valuer

Roslyn of RozArt™, has been a Registered Valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) since 2006.

Any person standing in a jewellery shop can in theory give you a jewellery valuation... but can this person truly give you a qualified assessment of your precious jewellery and gemstones? In many cases, no they can not. So how can you trust that your requirements as a consumer are being truly met?


Using a Registered Valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) enables you to:


1. Trust that the valuation that is being performed on your precious jewellery and gemstones is being completed by a person who holds up to date qualifications and accredited training in

   -   Gemmological studies

   -   gemstone identification - whether they be natural, treated, synthetic and/or an imitation, in nature

   -   grading of gemstones and

NCJV Registered Valuers constantly update their training to enable the best assessment to be completed on your jewellery and gemstones.


2. Feel confident that there is a Code of Ethics that RozArt™ is bound to uphold to protect you the customer and ensures the highest quality standards are provided when producing any valuations. Please feel free to view these Code of Ethics for the NCJV members at www.ncjv.com.au


 3. Have complete confidence that the purpose and function and the market conditions for your valuation is being met. For example, you wish to have a valuation for Insurance Replacement purposes with the items value being determined by their replacement occurring within a retail establishment such as a small retail shop with its own manufacturing jeweller. 


More and more insurance companies are now requiring that their customers have their jewellery and gemstones valued by a Registered Valuer and will not insure items unless accompanied with current market values determined by a Registered Valuer.


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